State Agent, Identity and the “New World Order”

Reconstructing Polish Defence Identity after the Cold War Era

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Heart rate as a marker of training status

Interpretation of Heart rate / Workload relationship

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Second Language Learning

The Role of Phonological Awareness and Decoding Accuracy

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Hybrid Active Power Filter

Integration with Photovoltaic System

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Foreign Direct Investment Effects on Urban Economy

A Case of the City of Pilsen, Czech Republic

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Proyecto de Acreditación según ISO 15.189.

Desarrollo e implementación de un sistema de gestión de la calidad en un laboratorio de referencia “Unidad de Elementos Traza”


Improving lamb production of Deccani sheep by FecB gene introgression

A study of the genetic improvement aspects of a development project

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Event Management

Planning framework for successful track and field events

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Soothsayers (Bambuki) and Christian prayer petitioners (Balombi)

Comparative and Evaluative Study of Healing in the Luba Katanga Area of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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The Blessed Life

Theological Interpretation and Use of the Beatitudes by Augustine, Calvin, and Barth

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