African Indigenous Knowledges and Education in Contemporary Schools

Implications for Youth of African Descent and Black Focused Schools in Toronto

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India - a Nuclear Weapons Power

Nuclear Weapons and Indian Foreign Policy

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New Zealand Croatian immigrant press 1899-1916

Quantitative and qualitative study of the content

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Filamin: a scaffolding protein

Filamin''s role as a scaffolding protein in a photosensory signalling complex in Dictyostelium discoideum

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Lasting Chains or Lingering Threads?

Examining the emotional and linguistic consistency of trauma narratives and self descriptions

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The Need of Knowledge Management in Malaysian Film Industry

A Case Study

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Geometric Exponential Distributions

Generalizations and Applications

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Building Social Capital

An Exploration of the Collaborative Policy Making Process as a Trust Enhancing Exercise

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Farmers'' territory invaded by a water company

The effects of drinking water privatization on rice farmers in Calapan City, the Philippines

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Solar UVR exposure of schoolchildren

Considering factors which influence children's time spent in the sun for developing skin cancer prevention and sun protection programmes

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