Adonai- Essay on mytho-criticism on ancient and modern traditions

of the semitic myth Adonis Myth

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The onto-informational and phenomenological model

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How God Builds His House

Jacob's Dream and Paul's Vision – A comparison of the concept of the House of God in the Old and in the New Testament

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The Basic Competences can be Developed Through the Dual Modality

Skills for working life

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Health and Mental Health challenges in emergencies

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Russia's Deterrent in the 21st Century

The New Generation of Strategic and Sub-Strategic Weapons

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Microbiological and physico-chemical monitoring of the surface water quality of lake Shkodra, Drin and Buna Rivers

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Establishment of the Carbon Market in Vietnam

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Evolution and Formation of the Western Dominated International Order

History of the evolution of the contemporary international system since the treaty of Westphalia

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