Impact of Physical Education on the Attitudes and Exercise Behaviour

Physical Education and Exercise Behaviour

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The Aestheticisation Of Architecture

Through The Manipulation Of The Image

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Language and the Social Construction of Gender Roles

Roles in Transition

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Mode Synthesis in Photonic Bandgap Fibers

Enabling superpositions and transmissions of modes in cylindrically-symmetric multimode photonic bandgap fibers

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Information Technology Skills Made Easy

IT Skill Development

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Caring for your loved ones?

An attachment perspective on solidarity between generations

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Modernization Through Dancing Bodies in Turkey

The first 30 years of Turkish State Ballet Institutions

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Detecting Extrasolar Planets from Space

Conceptual design and feasibility study of an interferometry mission using the PROBA-platform

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The Yield Curve As A Forecasting Tool

Does The Yield Spread Predict Recessions In South Africa?

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Anatomy of Demand in International Tourism

The case of Aruba

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