How to Execute Joint Forest Management Programme Sustainable?

How to Execute Joint Forest Management Programme Sustainable? Evidence from India

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Under the influence: teaching infant massage to recovering addicts

Improving self efficacy and attachment to children of mothers in Residential Rehabilitation Facilities

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Stakeholder and spatial perspectives of organic farming in Nepal

Economic and farm-family resource assessment of farming systems in the Middle Mountains

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People''s Dependency and Conservation Attitude

An Assessment for the Protected Area Management

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Power Exchange as a Deregulated Electricity Market

Optimal Load Dispatch and Electricity Trading

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The Immaterial Photograph

The Obsolescence of the Photograph as Object in the Digital Era

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Stress Management

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The Sociological Hitch

An Authoethnographic Adventure in HiFi

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Dynamical Modelling of Space Tether

Flexible Motorised Momentum Exchange Tether and Hybrid Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Spin-up

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Species Differentiation in Tilia: A Genetic Approach

Basics, Concepts, Methods

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