The Burnout Process:

Individual/Organizational Coping Strategies

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South Africa''s Right to Board Vessels

Analysis of the Law Governing South Africa''s Right to Board Vessels within Territorial Waters and International Waters

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A corruption measure applied to Italian Regional Public Accounts

A physical sector-based corruption measure illustrated with Italian Regional Public Accounts dataset

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Becoming a learning coach in academic settings

Challenging practices for sustainable self-directed leaning

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Partners in Prevention of Substance Abuse Theory of Change

A Formative Evaluation in Implementing Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America''s Strategic Planning Framework

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The Power of Autonomy as Human Rights

A Short Legal Review on the Settlement of Ethnic Conflict In Aceh, Indonesia

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Being Rotuman in Australia

Cultural Maintenance in Migration

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Domestic Drama

Exploring domestic workers'' lives in Amman-Jordan

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Analysis of Energy Developmet Perspectives

Energy management

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Seeds of Democracy?

The Role and Work of NGOs in promoting Civil and Political Rights in Egypt

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