Mixed Ethnicity, Health and Healthcare Experiences

A Study of Health and Ethnicity in the West Midlands

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Heat Treatments of Steel Bars for Reinforced Concrete

Experimental and Simulation

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Collaborative Forest Management and Co-Existence in Rural Communities

The Pitfalls of Government Enforced Conservation Policies on the Sustainable Use of Forest Resources in Developing Countries

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Supply Chain Management for Enhancing Competitive Potential

Learning from the Indian Experience

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Feasibility Study to Upgrade Lighting

Feasibility Study to upgrade the lighting of a 20 year old office building

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Biomarkers of periodontal disease and its link to systemic disease

Biomarkers of periodontal disease and its link to systemic disease: BR study group

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Technology''s Refuge

The Use of Technology b Asylum Seekers and Refugees

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Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching

An Analysis of Vocabulary Diversity in the Transcripts of The Bold and the Beautiful: Some practical applications

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Advantages of fuel cell hybrid systems with supercapacitors

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Computerization of Stock Control and Invoicing

Stock Control and Invoicing

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