Archimedean-Copula-Based Models in Financial Risk Management

- Estimating and Evaluating

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Energy Metabolism in Obesity and Diabetes

Concepts of Body Composition, Metabolic Factors, Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure

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Scheduling and routing of vehicles

Fleet size Optimization

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Developing Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

How to integrate sales and production companies of a MNC to better cope with structural changes in the local market network

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What about the Locals?

Impacts of Tourism Development on Mountain Communities in Central Asia

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Group-Aware Stream Filtering

Towards Collaborative Data Reduction in Stream Processing Systems

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Voice over IP Networks Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

A new approach to challenges & solutions

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An Age of Nationalism - Or a Contested Time?

The Age of Nationalism Hypothesis Revisited

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Applied Statistical Methods in Weak Unsteady Signals

Statistical Analysis of Exponentially Decaying Pulse Signals and Weak Unsteady Signals

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