ADR Mechanisms in European Union Maritime Law

Basics, Methods, Mediation and others

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On Cognitive Synonymy Difficult vs. Hard

A Case Study in Cognitive Synonymy

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Project Dionysius

A show of concept peer-to-peer database management system

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Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits from Simulink Specifications

An Approach to Asynchronous System Design from an Algorithmic Specification

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Simulation of Water and Ammonia at High Pressure and Temperature

a first principle study of the phase diagram

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Teaching English to Very Young Children at Home

Guideline not just for Parents

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Security Schemes funding, Rights accumulation and Poverty eradication

Zimbabwean Case

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Video Streaming Optimization in ADSL Architecture

Concepts, Problems and Performance Evaluation

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Dynamics of the Internet

A Transformation analysis of Banking and Finance

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The Consolidation of Claims in ICSID Arbitration

A proposal for change in the ICSID system

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