Gravitation and Noncommutativity of Spacetime

Noncommutative Gravitation as a Gauge Theory of the Twisted Poincaré Symmetry

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Theology and Reason in 18th Century England

The Contribution of A.A. Sykes and John Jackson, 1712-1748

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The Healing Potential of Breathing

A Integrative Approach to Personal Transformation

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Molecular Biology of Strawberry Vein Banding Caulimovirus

Characterization, Diagnosis and Host Range of SVBV

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Peacebuilding seen through the lens of peacemaking criminology

A literature study on the contribution of the concept of peacebuilding to the development of peacemaking criminology

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No Peace

A Drawing Installation by the Israeli born artist Ram Samocha

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The Politics of Policy

International Financial Institutions and Biodiversity

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Classification of Smoking Cessation Status

Applying Machine Learning Methods to Health Survey Data

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A Framework for a Computer-Based Essay Marking System

Specifically Developed for ESL Writing

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Lifting the Surface

Democratising Apartheid Space in Langa Township, Cape Town

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