AIDS and the Periodontium

A Literature Review

Shivani Jaiswal, Dipika Mitra, Rohit Shah - ISBN: 978-620-6-14663-6

Universal Shadow and Perpendicularity - Cellular Metabolism

When Universal Shadow and Perpendicularity Nullified the Theories of DNA/RNA, Global Warming, Enzymes, Photosynthesis, and Human Embryo Growth

Yousif Abdalla - ISBN: 978-620-6-14415-1

The Representation of Death in Fiction by Don DeLillo and Philip Roth

Exploring the Meaning of Death in postmodernity

Kahina Enteghar - ISBN: 978-620-6-14666-7

The God – Does It Control The Universe?

The Deterministic Universe and Absence of Freewill

Ravikumar Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Kurup - ISBN: 978-620-6-14752-7


DRAINMOD; Kalibrasyon ve Validasyon

Sema KALE ÇELİK - ISBN: 978-620-6-14632-2

Extraterrestrial and Endosymbiotic- Archaeal and Viral Infections

Abiogenetic Origin of Bacteria and Viruses- Intergalactic Archaeal Civilization- Antiviral & Antibacterial Antioxidants

Ravikumar Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Kurup - ISBN: 978-620-6-14751-0

Revolutionize Your Business Growth with Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide

Mario Haro Salazar, Diana Espinoza Alcívar - ISBN: 978-620-6-14746-6

A Practical Guide To Distributed System

Distributed System practices

Seema Bavachkar - ISBN: 978-620-6-14661-2

Correlation between Women Writer's Writings and Their Autobiography

Nawal al-Sa'dawi as a Sample

DR. HANAN BISHARA - ISBN: 978-620-6-14471-7