Knowledge, attitude and practices towards exclusive breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding book

FRANCIS EKO LOKORU - ISBN: 978-620-5-49788-3

Port Logistics & Management

Green Ports and Clean Transportation

Chinedum Onyemechi, Chinemerem Igboanusi - ISBN: 978-620-5-49667-1

Introduction To Problem Solving In Computer Science

Kalamba Datukun, Godwin Igbinosa - ISBN: 978-620-5-49766-1

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Basic Electrical Engineering

Ola Austin Oshin - ISBN: 978-620-5-49731-9

South Africa’s Youth Crises

With 57.38% of employable youths (15–24) jobless in 2019, South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world

Uwem Essia, Charles Wirsuiy Snr - ISBN: 978-620-5-49769-2

Tourism Strategy

Tourism policy, formulation of the tourist plan

Gazmend Nure - ISBN: 978-620-5-49728-9


Diversity and occurrence of insect withreference to pest at Dodiyala village, Jasdan

Ashokkumar Vaghela, Vaibhavi Mayani - ISBN: 978-620-5-49767-8

The promotion of Halal Tourism Standards in Pilgrimage Tourism

Halal Tourism Standards in Pilgrimage Tourism

Nafisa Djurayeva - ISBN: 978-620-4-98081-2

Conception Of Smart Compost Machine

Green Technology

Ayoub Korichi - ISBN: 978-620-5-49325-0

Financial Resources and Performance of Youth-led SMEs

Developing Countries: Case of Rwanda

Alphonsine M. Dushimimana - ISBN: 978-620-4-20344-7