IPR and Environmental Sound Technology Transfer

the Contestation between China and Annex I Countries

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Analysis of Supply Chain Added Values

Of Remote Energy Monitor with Wireless Sensor Networks

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Open Source Software in VoIP Market

How companies use Open Source Software to capture value in the Voice over Internet Protocol market

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Gender relations as a basis for varietal selection

Women, men, and in situ conservation of agrobiodiversity in the Yucatec-Maya traditional agricultural system

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Exploration of State Estimation

The combination of measurements and models

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Document Comparison and Classification

JAVA: Search Engine, A Plagiarism Detector and A Database

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Control for Navigation of a Mobile Robot Using Monocular Data

Local Model Predictive Control for Navigation of a Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Monocular Information

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The Effect of Teacher Preparation on Mentoring Practices

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Brand Personality as an Image Conveyor

Brand Personality as an Image Conveyor: EBS and the ideal business school as an example

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How Does Religious Strain Affect Lesbian Gay and Bisexual individuals?

Religious Strain, Internalized Homonegativity and Psychological Health for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Individuals

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