The Web Ad Schema and Grammatical Analysis for Web Advertising Sites

Using Grammatical Analysis to Identify the Consumer Characteristics of Visitors to Web Advertising Sites

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Uphill Struggles

The Politics of Sustainable Mountain Development in Switzerland and California

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Evaluation of a Solar Home System project in Africa

Case Study of a Rural Electrification Programme in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

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Latino/a Youth Identity and Adaptation

A Socio-Cultural Comparison of Mexican and Mexican American Students at a Predominantly White Campus

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Molecular simulations of drugs targeting the DNA

Insight into Mechanism, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Molecular Recognition

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Networks and Economic Exchange

The International Political Economy of the Seashell Trade between Tanzania and India

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Heart disease in early type 2 diabetes

The importance of early detection of subclinical heart disease in high risk patients

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Temporal jitter reduced two-color pump-probe experiments with a FEL

Ultra-fast dynamics in photon science today.

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