Peter Rareş and his Visual Concept

An Ambitious Sixteenth-Century PR Campaign?

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Promises not Kept? Or Not Yet?

Access to Maternal Health Services in Rural areas of Uganda in the Decentralized Healthcare System in Conditions of increased Privatisation

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Calcium in the Hypertension Management

Effect of calcium status and supplementation (dietary vs. non-dietary) on hypertension and selected mineral status

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Grewia asiatica against radiation induced oxidative stress in mice

Modulation of Radiation Induced Oxidative Stress in Brain of Swiss albino Mice by Grewia asiatica

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Sliding-Mode Control Applied in Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles

Trajectory-Tracking Control Problem

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An assessment of the influence of mass media and its challenges

challenges and influences of media on children and adult

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Soil physiographic characteristics of calcareous basaltic soils

Soil landforms characteristics,mineralogy,soil&water constraints and soil-site suitability of calcareous basaltic soils

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Schemes of Payment of Hydrological Ecosystem Services

their design under a multidisciplinary approach

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ICTs in Flood Management and Its Impacts on Rural Livelihoods

Gender and Ethnicity Dimensions in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia

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E-Learning in Secondary Schools in Kenya

A Case of NEPAD E-Schools

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