Two Essays on Rights

Comparative Analyses on Constitutional Rights and their Limitations in Europe, South Africa and Canada

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Energy consumption in a PC

Hardware and software components that affect the most the consumption

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Grading individuals in group assignments

Supporting and grading the individual in a collaborative coding assignment

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Apologies by ESL/EFL Teachers

Difference between Native and Nonnative English-Speaking Professionals

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Cross Cultural Negotiation Styles

Among Iranian Managers

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Sea buckthorn - A magic plant from Northern Areas of Pakistan

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The Role of Deepwater Oil Drilling in the US Energy Security

The Case of the Gulf of Mexico

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Детерминанты спроса молодежи на рабочие места

Теоретический и эмпирический анализ

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Исламизм и исламизмология

реальная проблема и отсутствие приемлемого научного решения

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Peer teaching and learning in clinical education

A systematic review of the literature

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