Forensic nursing education in North America: An exploratory study

To explore forensic nursing knowledge as a specialty area of study, and factors influencing educational development

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Strategic Investment Decisions

Evidence from Survey and Field Research in Estonia

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Metaphors and symbols of women and mothers in the art project, The Birth

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Online Courses: Towards Developing Educational Systems

Online and Educational Development

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Thermally Stimulated Luminescence Excitation Spectroscopy

Application on Measuring the Photoionization Energy of Sr(SCN)2:Eu2+

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Three Essays on Economic Geography

Theory and Estimation

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Literature and the Science of the Unknowable

Julia Kristeva and Gaston Bachelard

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Solar silicon refining

Inclusions, settling, filtration, wetting

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Attitudes that Affect the Black-White Achievement Gap

How Do Cultural Identity and the Use of Ebonics Affect African American Students' Success in the Classroom?

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