Accounting Conservatism in Accounting-Based valuation models

Interaction between conservatism and growth

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Cost stickiness and the implications for future performance

Evaluating the moderating effect of the investment opportunity set on the relationship between cost stickiness and future performance


Bank Lending and Bank-Firm Relationships in Japan

Challenge to the Conventional Views on Japanese Banks

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Decentralization and Local Development in Indonesia:

A Case Study of Mining Transnational Corporation

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Hume''s Problem Reconsidered

The Presuppositions of the Problem of Induction, Generalized Goodman Predicates, Relativity, Undecided Games

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Decentralization and Regional Development in Albania

A paper on regional development in Albania compared to the Czech and Polish model

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Father''s Involvement and Child Development

Evidence from a Rural Area of Viet Nam

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Gamma-Ray Detector Array

Basic Concepts and Instrumentation

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Tumor suppressor gene activity in lung, colon and breast carcinomas

PPP2R1B mechanisms of tumorigenesis and heritable cancer susceptibility

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Contributions to advance Product Data Management Systems (PDMs)

Towards Flexible Graphical User Interface and Semantic Oriented Search for Web based PDMs

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