Improving performance in the African civil service

The case of Gweru Polytechnic, Zimbabwe

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On design of magic-total labeling

On design of magic-total labeling

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Knowledge Management Framework for System Development Projects

Integrated Knowledge Management Framework for Knowledge Enablement of Information Systems Development (ISD) Projects

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Salophen-Uranyl Complexes as Versatile Supramolecular Receptors

Physico-chemical Investigation on the Binding Ability of Salophen-Uranyl Receptors Towards Anions and Ion-Pairs in the Condensed Phase

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Using a CGE Model to Evaluate Import Tariff Reductions in Ukraine

Do import tariffs increase or decrease welfare?

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Students as Journeymen between Cultures of Higher Education and Work

A longitudinal European Study of the Transition from Higher Education to Work Life

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Investigation of aerosol direct and indirect climate effects

Using ground and Satellite remote sensing data

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Effectiveness of an Online Learning Environment

A framework for measuring effectiveness of an online learning environment: A case study of Can Tho University

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Hybrid Multi-Agent Architecture

Heuristics Generation for Solving NP-hard problems

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Local-Global Connections: Gender, Land and Labor

Changing Relations in a Commercial Banana Plantation

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