An Interdisciplinary Approach to Visual Pattern Detection

Biologically Plausible Pattern Localisation and Parameter Estimation on Visual Data

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The Constitution of the Field of Rural Development

Case Study in Western Central Argentina

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Corrective Feedback in Second Language Acquisition

Theory, Research and Practice

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A Lexical Syllabus for Teaching English in Junior High School

Improving vocabulary acquisition

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Uncompromising Activism

The Fish-In Protests at Frank’s Landing "If anyone lays a hand on that net they are going to get shot."

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Link Optimisation for MIMO Communication Systems

Linear and dirty-paper-coding MIMO precoding techniques for high performance and low-complexity levels

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An Examination of Therapeutic Engagement

An Examination of Therapeutic Engagement in a Prison-Based Drug Treatment Therapeutic Community

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Concepts, methods and applications

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Ethics and the Documentary Interview

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Design and Model Based Sampling Inference

Survey Sampling

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