A Competitive Business Strategy Development for Market Expansion

A Study of a Branding Enterprise

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Herbal Medicine - science embraces tradition

A new insight into ancient Ayurveda

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Propaganda and the People

An examination of persuasion in the struggle for independence in VietNam to 1954

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A penalty-based interface technology for connecting independently modeled substructures and for simulating delamination growth in composite structures

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The Role of Intercultural Communication in Conflict Resolution:

A look at African Immigrant Fathers and Their U.S.-born Children

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The Art of Using Humor in Preaching

Toward A Methodology Which Equips Pastors To Use Humor Intentionally In Preaching

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Participation in Adult Learning Activities

Literacy Among Seniors

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List decoding of Reed-Solomon codes and algebraic-geometric codes

Decoding principles, complexity reduction and an engineering insight into the system

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Deeply virtual Compton scattering in Hall A at Jefferson Lab

PhD dissertation

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Creating Successful Online Communities

Supporting Members of Online Communities Through the Use of Visualisations

Rehman Mohamed - ISBN: 978-3-8383-2147-9