FE Large Amplitude Free Flexural Vibration Analysis of Plates

In this study, isotropic plates have been analyzed, with an eye on including the laminated composite plates in future

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Transforming Teachers and Classrooms with Online Learning

The Impact of Teacher Professional Development for Online Teaching on Face-to-Face Classroom Teaching Practices

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Deconstructing the Native/Imagining the Post-Native

Race, Culture and Postmodern Conditions in Brett Bailey''s ''plays of miracle and wonder''

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Model Based Testing for Real-Time Systems

Conformance Testing of Real-Time Systems Modeled with Partially Observable and Non-Deterministic Timed Automata

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Large Fluctuations of Stochastic Differential Equations

Regime Switching and Applications to Simulation and Finance

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Impact and Implications of Power Reforms in India

Power Reforms: A Study on its strategic implications and impact on selected companies in India

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A quantitative and qualitative study of the flow characteristics through the hydraulic turbine draft tube

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Social and Environmental Reporting

A critical discourse analysis

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Prediction of Electromagnetic Launcher Behavior

Prediction of Electromagnetic Launcher Behavior with Lubricant Injection through Armature-Rail Interface Modeling

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Quality of Working Life, Job Satisfaction and Job Behavior of Workers

Quality of Working Life, Job Satisfaction and Job Behavior of Textile Shift workers in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Some Selected Industries

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