New Zealand Numeracy Projects - Intentions Versus Implementation

Teachers'' Voice

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Optics of Semiconductor Microcavities

Electron-hole pairs and photon interaction enhanced by a cavity

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Primary Teachers’ Affective Development in Mathematics

Developing positive beliefs, attitudes and feelings about mathematics

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Identity, Translation, Embodiment

Migrant and Minority Women''s Writings in Japan, English Canada and Québec

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"Children''s Views of Basic Concepts of Morality"

A research study on character and values- based education

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CFD Studies in Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena

Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies in Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena in Packed Bed Extraction and Reaction Equipment

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¿Sincretismo religioso o monoteísmo patriarcal?

Las diosas ausentes

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Anti-breast cancer drug testing

Original Approaches. Novel Set of Mouse Models.

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Becoming Cosmetologists

Language Socialization in an African American Beauty College

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Has the Glass Ceiling really been Broken?

The Impacts of the Feminization of the Public Relations Industry in Indonesia

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