Energy Charter Treaty

Implications on Cross Border Energy Trade in Asia

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Hari Bol: Evolution and Genesis of Funeral Music in Postcolonial Bengal

Evolution and Genesis of Funeral Music in Post colonial Bengal

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The Pillars of International Purchasing

Globalisation, Shipping, Supplier Performance

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Self as Nature; Nature as Self

A Buddhist Perspective on Ecology

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Solid Waste Managment

Techno-economic assessment of municipal solid waste management in the occupied Palestinian territories

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Student Achievement and the GeoLeg Tool

A study of seventh grade geometry posttest scores after using the Geoleg manipulative tool

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Theological Education in the Context of Poverty and Injustice

What do theological educators think about its role?

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A Dictionary of Anglo-American and Albanian Proverbs

A Comparative Presentation of Albanian Proverbs

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Design and Implementation of WLAN Authentication and Security

Building Secure Wireless LAN by EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS protocols

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Clustering Peers in Semantic Communities

Putting together semantically similar peers according to their exported schema

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