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Annually, more than 5,000,000 theses are written worldwide in the research industry. In addition to this are the numerous research notes, articles, and the many creative concepts of professors, universities and institutions.

Enterprises and scientists would be especially interested in these ideas; nevertheless, up to today, most of this work is shelved as a result of high costs.

LAP specializes in the publication of such works and uses commitment and the latest technology in order to make the invaluable work of such researchers available worldwide, quickly and efficiently.


We are an associate member of the American Booksellers Association, the Booksellers Association in the UK and a member of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, the german booksellers association.

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LAMBERT Academic Publishing cooperates with

  • Danubius University of Galati (Institute for Legal, Economic and Social Sciences)
  • Lumen Research Center in Social Humanistic Sciences
  • Andrei Saguna University
  • American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)
  • Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University (Faculty of History)
  • INES-Ruhengeri
  • Uganda Christian University
  • Luki State Academy of Agriculture
  • Irish Bible Institute
  • Universitatea Athenaeum (Internal Auditing & Risk Management)
  • Prague College of Psychosocial Studies
  • Spiru Haret University
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  • Tai Solarin College of Education
  • Romanian-German University of Sibiu
  • Mihail Kogalniceanu University of Iasi
  • Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology
  • Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague